Call for bidders for the construction of 15 CAIF and 44 kindergartens under a PPP contract

The Uruguayan Institute for Children and Adolescents (INAU) and the National Administration of Public Education (ANEP) opened a call for bidders for the design, construction and maintenance of public education infrastructure under a Public-Private Partnership contract of a duration of 22 years. (30-12-2016)

The project is structured under the Five-Year Infrastructure Program designed by the Government and includes 15 Infancy and Family Attention Centers (CAIF) from INAU and 44 kindergartens from ANEP to be awarded under a single call for bidders, with each Contracting Public Administration issuing an awarding administrative act. The awarded party shall have to sign two contracts, one with ANEP and another with INAU.

The contractor will be obliged to:

• Complete the executive design of each building from a prototype which is part of the call and obtain all permits and authorizations needed.

• Finance and construct each education center, including outdoor spaces.

• Perform ordinary and corrective maintenance to the infrastructure and outdoor spaces. Substitute broken components, except in the case of intentional damage during working hours.

• Control for the existence of harmful animals.

• Repair damages and robberies occurred outside of working hours.

• For kindergartens (ANEP) only, perform ordinary daily cleaning and residue disposal.

Under no circumstance the contract shall include educational and socio-educational services, which will remain under the control and execution of ANEP and INAU. Nutrition will also be provided by the Public Administration. For CAIFs the service of daily cleaning will not be included in the obligations of the contractor.

The contractor will be rewarded for its services bi-monthly with availability payments in return of achieving and maintaining, for the duration of the contract, the quality levels required under the technical indicators established in the bidding documents. Payments will start once each education center is built and available under the conditions established in the bidding documents.

The maximum payment will be the variable to be bid by each participant of the call for bidders. 

Access the publication of the call for bidders

Access the evaluation studies for the project


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