"Contract Management for PPPs" workshop

A workshop on PPP Contract Management by representatives from the London School of Economics took place on November 15, 2016. The workshop was organized in collaboration with the British Embassy in Uruguay. (17-11-2016)

The opening included remarks from the Deputy Minister of Economics Pablo Ferreri and the British Ambassador in Uruguay, Ian Duddy.


Participants included several Public Administrations including: MTOP - Interior - MVOTMA - ANEP - OPP - CND.

The seminar covered several topics on PPP Contract Management, including:

1. Types of PPP contracts

2. Coordination and governance

3. Selection:

a. Specifying requirements

b. The methodology of selection in the UK and Brasil.

4. Negotiating the contract

5. Managing the contract and service delivery

6. Achieving value for money

7. Problems in managing PPP contracts

8. Additional topics on PPP Contract Management for Uruguay

The British Embassy in Uruguay funded the participation of the LSE team.


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