Launching of Debt Financing Fund for Infrastructure Uruguay CAF - I

The Deputy Minister of Economy Pablo Ferreri announced at BEVSA, together with the representative of CAF Gladis Genua and the Manager of CAFAM Uruguay Fabián Ibarburu, the creation of the financial trust of USD 350 million to finance infrastructure projects over the next five years through PPP. (25-10-2016)



What is the Debt Financing Fund for Infrastructure Uruguay CAF – I?

It is a tool to fund long term infrastructure projects, through the appropriate movement of resources from institutional investors (pension funds, insurance companies, multilateral organizations, etc.) under the terms and conditions established by the Fund.

To whom is the Fund aimed?

The Fund is aimed to construction companies working alone or under a consortium and interested in obtaining financing for the development of infrastructure in Uruguay under Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) or other vehicles.

Size, duration and currency:

The Fund reached Indexed Units (UI) 2,800 million, which is approximately equivalent to USD 350 million, and will be operative for 30 years. Financing can be obtained in UI or US dollars. Moreover, the Fund is backed by CAF through co-financing of at least 10% of the investment of each project selected by the Professional Fund Manager.

Who is the Professional Fund Manager?

The Fund Manager is CAF-AM Administradora de Activos – Uruguay S.A. (“CAFAM Uruguay”), a Uruguayan company owned by CAF Asset Managment Corp., a corporation incorporated in Panama and subsidiary to Corporación Andina de Fomento (“CAF”), multilateral financial institution and main source of infrastructure funding in Latin America. As a result, CAFAM Uruguay can benefit from the expertise and sectoral reach that CAF, main source of infrastructure funding in Latin America.

What is the objective of the Fund?

The purpose of this tool is to channel institutional investors’ resources to the financing of infrastructure through long-term senior debt, using the successful experience from CAF financing similar projects in Latin America.
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Contact: Fabián Ibarburu, Gerente General de CAFAM Uruguay
Phone: (598) 29178224
Address: Plaza Independencia 710, Piso 9 (CAF).



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